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Postcard Written Aboard Titanic

This postcard was written aboard the Titanic on April 10th, '12 by Tom Franklin to his sister Grace Franklin. Mr. Franklin occupied cabin D-34 in First Class. His body was never recovered.

The front of the card shows a beautiful illustration of the Titanic with the text:
White Star Line
Triple Screw R.M.S. Olympic and Titanic
45,000 tons each
The largest steamers in the world.
View the text written the back of the postcard:
April 10th, 1912
We have just left Cherbourg. Plenty of wind and very cold. This is a lovely boat. Just like a town. I spent about an hour in the gym this afternoon. Love to all.
The postcard was addressed to:
Miss Grace Franklin
Ceylon Rd.
Westcliff on Sea