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Aftermath Memorial
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Deck Chair Piece Marconigrams French Postcard Cablegram
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Dedicated to the Sage Family...

I would like to dedicate this page in memory of the Sage family. I can remember the first time I saw the listing of so many names from one family. I could not help but shed a tear. It still touches me the same way today.

The Sage family was on their way to Jacksonville, Florida where they had just purchased a citrus farm. Had they survived, perhaps we would be drinking Sage orange juice today.

Traveling in Third Class, the Sage family members were:
  • Mr. John George Sage, age 44
  • Mrs. Annie Sage, age 44
  • Miss Stella Sage, age 20
  • Master George Sage, age 19
  • Master Douglas Sage, age 18
  • Master Frederick Sage, age 16
  • Miss Dorothy Sage, age 13
  • Master William Sage, age 11
  • Miss Ada Sage, age 9
  • Miss Constance Sage, age 7
  • Master Thomas Sage, age 4
William Sage was the only body recovered.