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Titanic Pre-Sinking

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One Tale from R.M.S. Titanic

Early in 1912, Mr. W.J. Herod, Mr. J.G. Stanley, Mr. G.E. Graham and Mr. L. Meyrick traveled to Europe by a ship shown in these photos. As you can see by the photos they encountered large waves and heavy wind.

The four were on a buying trip to Europe for the department store chain Eaton's. In Germany, their porcelain maker made them this beautiful candy dish to commemorate their trip. As we can see, they were in Germany on Saturday, 24th Feb 1912. A curious thing, the candy dish has No. 7 on top of the dish, number 7 was Titanic's post office number, and the number 7 is on Titanic's own postmark.

Mr. Graham finished the buying trip first. He paid 30 pounds for ticket #112053, securing a first class passage back on Titanic, occupying cabin B-42. Sometime after leaving Southampton on April, 10 1912 at 12:01 PM and arriving in Cherbourg at 6:30 PM, Mr. Graham wrote this four page letter to Mrs. Herod describing life on Titanic. He told her of a near collision with the ship New York shown in the photo taken by Father Browne. A tug managed to get between the two ships to avoid a collision at the last minute.

The final item in the collection is a letter to Mr. Herod confirming his return trip on Titanic, the second trip that never happened.

Mr. George Edward Graham was born on June 11, 1873, on a farm near St. Mary's Ontario. He was the sixth of seven brothers. Mr. Graham had one sonj, John H. Graham, who was born in 1908 and who died in January of 1911. Mr Graham died on Titanic some time in the early morning of April 15, 1912. His body was recoverd by the Mackey-Bennett and tagged as body #147. He was buried on May 6, 1912 in St. Mary's Ontario where he was born.

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